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Founded in the spirit of nomadism and chance, J&J is a dance focused 24/7 collaboration between Jen Passios and Jacob Regan. Initially devised out of necessity (submitting work often requires delegating a title to the performance ensemble - go figure), the name stuck as a representation of the partnership that marks all aspects of life for the dynamic duo. Honing in on the realities of every day, from cohabitation to collaboration, the pair utilizes performance, teaching, creation, and improvisation as entry points for investigating movement as a radical act of physical empathy.

Their first co-creation, Terms & Conditions, a six episode saga featuring flying antics, text games, and improvisational oddities, set to a score by Iranian born composer Bita Bell, premiered at the Boulder International Fringe Festival in 2018 (Hibner-Brown Award) and was dubbed “Masterful dancing with wonderful nuance and sensitivity” (Mary Wohl Haan - Boulder Office of Arts + Culture).


Since their inaugural performance, J&J have received resources and support from the New England Foundation for the Arts, the Boston Mayor's Office of Arts and Culture, Studio@550, and the Boston Center for the Arts.


The duo looks forward to embarking on their first year long tour of the United States in summer 2020 to research the intersections of contact improvisation, contemporary dance, and regional culture.


Follow #jandjtaketheusa to take part in the journey.


Jen Passios

Dancer by day, wordsmith by night, Jen is a nomadic artist-athlete and educator with a vivid imagination and a knack for spot on description... 

Jacob Regan

Jacob Regan grew up in North Carolina where he began his movement studies with capoeira, accumulating skills in breaking and contemporary dance during his high school years at Northwest School of the Arts...

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