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Hi there!

Thank you for joining in as we embark on this blog journey.

As with everything we do here, please approach this platform as a choose-your-own adventure endeavor. Peruse at your leisure. We invite you to think of these writings as field notes - observations of the everyday that range in form and formality.

If I know myself, the content will be highly varied and consist of twists, twirls, and upturns ranging from impassioned musings, to daily occurrences, and many instances of poetic whiplash. While I choose to write to keep my head from exploding, this collection is for you.

Read parts of things, or all.

Play blog-post roulette and click on a topic that sounds unfamiliar.

Gain a new piece of information.

Challenge an opinion.

Get swept into a story of amateurs with big dreams.

Whatever your intention, we're grateful that you’re here.

Be on the look out for new posts on the 1st and 15th of every month with the likelihood of additional bursts of inspiration in between.

We look forward to having you along for the ride.


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